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These are unusual times for all of us. The uncertainty, the troubling news, and the concern for our health and of our loved ones affect nearly every moment of our day; it is hard to get away from the issues we are facing. Now, more than ever, we need to look for inspiring places where we can relax, reflect, and spend some time reconnecting with the things that uplift and give us the strength to carry on.

Our hotel’s location within the fortified capital city of Valletta serves as a constant reminder of the strength with which past generations of Maltese, and the Knights Hospitaller, faced their battles over four centuries ago.

Beyond Valletta’s walls, you’ll encounter many sights that bear witness to the resilience of these islands. From ancient temples atop rugged cliffs to medieval fortifications, bustling harbours and sleepy fishing villages: these places tell the compelling story of standing up against all odds to natural and historical forces.

Talk to the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Domus Zamittello during your stay, or contact us online if you’re still planning your trip to Malta, and we’ll help you create the perfect itinerary to explore our beautiful country safely.

Discover the treasures outside your doorstep

The convenient location of Domus Zamitello Boutique Hotel at the entrance of Valletta and along Malta’s most recognisable street makes it possible to explore the capital and its surroundings on foot.

Put on your face covering, pack some hand sanitiser and take a stroll around the Città Umilissima—the humblest of cities—founded by the Knights. The city built “by gentlemen for gentlemen”, you’ll soon find out why after visiting the exquisite Upper and Lower Barrakka Gardens or pay a visit to the many baroque churches dotting the gridiron plan, chief among them the Co-Cathedral of Saint John and its museum and oratory.

Thoroughly exploring Valletta can take an entire day. By night, however, the city transforms into one of the island’s most sought-after dining, cultural and entertainment hubs, inviting you to see it again in a new light. All restaurants, including our own Mezzodì Restaurant in South Street and also accessible through the hotel’s courtyard, follow strict health and hygiene guidelines issued by authorities to offer a safe and enjoyable dining experience.

With the public transport card, or for a small fee, you can cross the Grand Harbour by open boat (while taking in breathtaking views of the bastions) to reach the Three Cities and continue exploring more of the built heritage bequeathed to the present-day by the Knights. A similar ferry service running from Marsamxett Harbour links Valletta to Sliema.

Plan your own excursions, and we’ll take you there.

The Maltese islands offer a convenient and incredibly diverse destination for people travelling alone, as families, or in larger groups. Departing from outside Valletta, you can reach any other point of interest on the mainland within an hour, hour-and-a-half tops. Talk to our staff during your stay, or email us after making your booking, and we’ll arrange transfers to the most prominent attractions via private chauffeur.

After seeing Valletta, it’s only logical to visit Mdina, the former capital of Malta, nicknamed “The Silent City”, and the suburb of Rabat. There’s no need to dig up the past when you can walk right through it with an artisanal gelato in hand. Ponder for a moment the fact that you’re walking on streets originally built by Romans, modified by Arabs; perhaps stopping to take a selfie near a Norman-style villa opposite an English telephone box in a square dominated by a Catholic cathedral. A visit to Mdina neatly sums up the unique meld of cultures that have left an indelible mark on our nation’s identity.

Domus Zamittello can also organise transport to Wied iż-Żurrieq, a stunning gorge surrounded by cliffs that have been hollowed out by natural sea caves, which you can visit for yourself during a short boat tour to the famed Blue Grotto. The western part of Malta is also home to prehistoric sites as well as sandy beaches that are popular with locals and visitors alike.

If your stay includes a weekend, then we suggest adding a trip to Marsaxlokk in your trip schedule. This charming village is a must-visit on Sunday mornings and afternoons due to the open-air fish market as well as stalls selling various Maltese delicacies and traditional crafts. You’ll find numerous cafes and restaurants along the promenade, including several of the best seafood restaurants where you can enjoy authentic Mediterranean dishes al fresco.

Have you got a day to spare on your trip? Then we recommend spending it on the sister island of Gozo.

Gozo is only a short ferry trip away, and we can organise a private car for you to take you around the island and see all the attractions it has to offer. From the Ġgantija temples to the shrine at Ta’ Pinu, to the fortified citadel at the heart of the island and the many beaches and natural sites around the coast, Gozo is the most rewarding extra mile of your journey.

Our hospitality begins with your safety in the mind

Even during these unprecedented circumstances for most of us, our goal at Domus Zamittello remains to make sure every guest feels safe and satisfied while staying with us. We’ve taken all the precautions necessary to protect guests and staff by following the authorities’ guidelines and having our premises sanitised and checked regularly.

So get ready to enjoy your stay at Domus Zamittello in Malta. Our team will ensure that your visit here is not only a safe one but a memorable one as well.