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The cold month of January is the perfect time to discover a completely new side to Malta, which takes you on a cultural journey amidst its character-buildings. Events held in the coming days range from festivals, themed cinema nights, and exhibitions, with the chance to explore some of the most interesting palaces, churches and historic venues in the Maltese capital and its surroundings.

Valletta Baroque Festival | 10/01 – 25/01 | Various Venues

Featuring a top selection of the best local and foreign artists, Valletta Baroque Festival’s 8th Edition promises wonderful music by Bach, Handel, and other composers.

Valletta Baroque Festival will run for around two weeks in January, with 31 concerts being hosted in 17 different carefully-selected venues ranging from beautiful old churches to picturesque theatres and libraries, to historic museums.

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Classic Movies | January | Cinema Bar by Citylights

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Experience the spirited post-war cinema venue, one of the oldest and only surviving in Malta. Formerly serving as an adults-only cinema, the venue has reopened its doors in these past few years, serving as a cinematic artistic hub.

Cinema Bar by City Lights in Valletta screens a variety of both classic and top-notch movies, all with Free Entrance. The venue also offers a cosy cinema-themed bar with an excellent choice of beers and spirits. Of course, popcorn is on the menu. What more could you ask from a relaxed night out on a chilly January night?

The Whiskey Festival | 25/01 | Limestone Heritage

A fine selection of the finest blended and single malt whiskeys will keep you warm during what is usually the coldest time of the year in Malta. Hosted in the picturesque Limestone Heritage Park in Siġġiewi, the 4th edition of The Whiskey Festival is now a much-awaited event not just for whiskey-lovers but also as a chance to explore the beautiful gardens, with several food stalls and professional cocktail-makers.

For the cigar connoisseurs, The Whiskey Festival will also feature a stall with a vast selection of quality cigars, with the possibility of blending the ideal cigar with the best whiskey. The event will also host a big bonfire along with numerous entertainment options throughout the evening.

Fotographija | 17/01 – 24/01 | Splendid, Valletta

A vast exhibition of printed photo material will be hosted for various dates right up till the end of January, Named Fotographija, this event will exhibit beautiful prints of numerous photographers and will be showcased at Splendid, which is situated right in the heart of notorious Strait Street in Valletta.

Fotographija does not only showcase talent and pleasant aesthetics, but encourages the appreciation of the printing art in photography; a nostalgic art which is slowly regaining momentum amidst high-definition digital photography

Southern Depths and Northern Lights | 16/01 – 05/02 | Palazzo de La Salle

The Malta Society of Arts and Jewellery Art Design are organising this concept-exhibition featuring beautiful and eloquent jewellery. The artists hosting the exhibition are inspired by the numerous wonders inhabiting both surface and underworlds of The North and Pacific oceans

Southern Depth and Northern Lights is creating a space for jewellery to represent not just a material of high-value but also an artistic representation that evokes a story or an emotion.

The much-praised and awaited event will also give you the chance to explore Palazzo de La Salle – a traditional palazzo typical of old Valletta.

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At Domus Zamittello, we host private gatherings for family and friends in the intimate surroundings of our sumptuous Sala del Conte; all while being cared for by our attentive staff.

Our central location in Valletta makes it so much easier to spend time with the people you care about and discover the best experiences this historic and vibrant city has to offer all year round.